Alpine is a world leader in the manufacture and use of Vibracore Sampling Equipment

Alpine Vibracore Services Brochure

The most flexible range of products and services

Alpine manufactures both Pneumatic and Electric Vibracores, allowing clients to perfectly match equipment to suit their needs. Alpine’s units range from ones easily deployed from a small platform in shallow water, to electric systems capable of securing 40 foot samples (sediment permitting) in 1000’ of water.

Our Vibracore equipment is an industry standard because we have 40 years experience providing Vibracore services to our clients. This experience has been key in perfecting our systems and modifying our design to suit new and changing client needs. Whether 3’ environmental cores are required in shallow inland waters, or 40’ cores are needed for an offshore borrow site assessment, Alpine has the experience, personnel and equipment to get the project completed to the highest specifications, on time and within budget.

Unique solutions

Alpine offers several features not found on other systems, including:

  • Core Log© System
    This software/hardware combination, provides a real time display and a permanent record of the Vibracore’s penetration into the sediment. The data can be immediately processed into graphical format for review or stored for later analysis. The information also allows a geologist to determine if the sediment has compacted or expanded in the core pipe, thereby providing a more accurate description of the sub bottom geology.
  • Jetting System
    Designed for units operating in water depths under 300’ Alpine’s high pressure water Jetting Systems which virtually guarantees achieving target sample recovery in most sediment.
  • Electric Vibracores with Variable Frequency Control
    This feature allows the operator to adjust the motor speed to provide a vibration frequency which is best suited to penetrate into a particular geology. This feature allows the Electric Vibracore to penetrate deeper into sediments.

Did you know?

Alpine provides Marine Mammal Mitigation services, Marine Mammal Observation (MMO), Protected Species Observation and Passive Acoustic Monitoring Systems (PAMS) to clients for use during geophysical seismic surveys, construction projects and to support commercial shipping.