Through extensive in-house capabilities, strategic relationships and the benefit of being part of one the largest geotechnical sampling companies in the world, Alpine can provide its clients with a full range of geotechnical capabilities worldwide. 

Through Alpine, clients can access the following geotechnical sampling services:

  • Vibracores (Electric and Pneumatic) capable of up to 40 foot penetration. Most systems come equipped with Jetting and CoreLog capability.
  • Heave Compensated, Vessel Mounted Drill Rigs
  • Jackup Deployed Skid/Truck Mounted Drill Rigs
  • Top Push/Down Hole CPT Systems
  • Seafloor Deployed CPT Systems with up to 20 ton reaction force
  • PS Logging Systems
  • Drop and Piston Cores
  • Van Veens, Day Grab and Shipwreck Samplers.

All of our geotechnical staff are OSHA 40 Hour HazMat certified and trained in proper sample handling and preparation for lab analysis. 

Alpine is the Leader in Vibracore Manufacturing and Sampling

Alpine has over 50 years of experience as a leader in the manufacturing and use of Pneumatic and Electric Vibracore sediment sampling equipment. Alpine developed and produced the first pneumatic Vibracore as part of the US Army Corps of Engineers’ Coastal Engineering Research Center 1964 Sand Inventory Program. Our systems now represent the gold standard for the industry.

Alpine can supply a variety of vibracore systems making it easy to find the ideal solution to a client’s sampling requirements:


Full Size Systems capable of obtaining samples up to 40 feet long

Mini System capable of obtaining samples up to 12 feet long

Read more about our vibracore equipment here.

Did you know?

The R/V Henry Hudson is a former US Army Corps hydrographic vessel.