The detection and clearance of ordnance in the underwater environment is a difficult and challenging operation and the consequences of data not being of the highest quality are potentially disastrous.  

Alpine brings all of its experience to the table in designing and implementing safe and effective UXO assessment surveys. Four key components must come together in order to achieve a successful ordnance detection survey:

Planning is particularly important with Ordnance surveys because of the potential dangers inherent in the operation. Health and Safety is of the utmost importance to Alpine and many issues in the field can be mitigated through proper planning. Some key factors to take into consideration include: Understanding the nature of munitions to be located and the seafloor conditions in which they are present; Evaluating oceanographic factors (tides, currents etc. which may affect equipment deployment); Determining an adequate line spacing to insure proper bottom coverage based on the sensitivity of the equipment, the size of the munitions being located and the detection goals of the survey (assessment versus clearance); Assessing the security risks in the area and if needed teaming with the proper security partner.

Selecting the right set of detection tools for the project mission. Key considerations include the type of materials used to make the munitions, size of the munitions, whether they are expected to be buried and how far below the surface they might be. Alpine has the capability of deploying a wide range of systems such as Gradiometers, Electro-Magnetic Coils, Side Scan Sonars, Subbottom Profilers and Multi-beams to successfully and efficiently complete the project.

Insuring High Accuracy Positioning. Knowing the exact position of detected munitions for future inspection and disposal is critical to munitions clearance efforts. The higher the accuracy, the faster future phases can be conducted which require re-locating of munitions identified during the survey. Alpine takes its extensive experience in surface and sub-surface positioning for some of the most demanding oil, gas, cable and construction companies in the world, and applies it to our munitions surveys using state of the art technologies and techniques. 

Producing a high quality, comprehensive and comprehensible report. Alpine employs only experienced geophysicists to review the data, cross reference information between instruments, and process information into final products using industry standard software.

Did you know?

By conducting both MMO and PAMS in conjunction, limiting factors such as poor weather conditions, background noise, non-acoustic animals or non-detectable vocalizations can be overcome, meaning your survey can be carried out during 24 hour operations, allowing a greater range of freedom in survey operations.