Alpine’s Plume Mapping Services provide a specialized oceanographic and environmental tool which can be highly useful to our client’s project needs.

Plume Mapping Techniques

  • Rhodamine WT Dye Tracing (Metered Injection and Batch Release)
  • Direct Mapping of Water Quality Parameters such as Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, Salinity, and Turbidity
  • Optical and Acoustic Backscatter
  • Integrated Sensor Arrays
  • ADCP Mapping of both Current Velocity and Sediment in the Water Column.

Plume Mapping Applications:

  • Thermal Discharge
  • NPDES/SDS Permitting   
  • Leak Detection
  • Modelling Support
  • X,Y,Z,T Measurement Studies
  • Suspended Sediment Studies
  • Large Scale Sediment Transport Studies
  • Real Time Tracking of Turbidity Plumes

Did you know?

Alpine manufactures both pneumatic and electric Vibracores, allowing our clients to perfectly match our equipment with their application.