Physical oceanographic data, along with in situ water quality, can inform design parameters for marine and freshwater projects and support regulatory and environmental permitting. 

In addition, oceanographic data, coupled with bathymetry and sediment sampling, provides the boundary conditions for numerical and physical modeling.

Alpine can provide the following data collection services:

  • Current Velocity Monitoring & Mapping
  • Directional Wave Monitoring
  • Water Level & Tide Measurements
  • Water Quality Monitoring & Mapping

Alpine has experience with both a variety of moored deployments and vessel mounted options allowing for a wide range of data collection opportunities including:

  • Full Water-Column Time Series
  • Long Term Deployments
  • XYZ Flow Field
  • Discharge Measurements
  • Full-Cycle Tidal Current Survey
  • Model Calibration /Validation
  • Time and Tide Varying Water Quality

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