Alpine provides a range of integrated oceanographic and environmental data acquisition and analysis services. 

These services are key components to help our clients gain an accurate understanding of marine and freshwater environments. With a diversified inventory of oceanographic, limnological and environmental instrumentation, along with trained experienced specialists, we are able to respond rapidly to client requirements. We routinely monitor:

  • In Situ & Real-Time Current Velocity Profiling
  • Directional Wave Monitoring
  • Water Level and Tide
  • Conductivity, Temperature and Depth Profiling (CTD)
  • Chemical & Biological Water Column Sampling
  • In Situ & Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring
  • Dye Dilution Studies
  • Thermal Plume Mapping

Alpine acts as the field data acquisition arm of engineers, modelers and owners. Typical projects we support include: port and harbor development, wastewater and industrial outfalls, power plant intakes/outfalls, marine crossings (pipelines, cables, and bridges), offshore disposal, resource development, etc.

Did you know?

Alpine’s scientists have extensive experience in site assessment, hazard clearance and linear routing survey services worldwide.