Positioning is an essential part of any marine survey and Alpine has the experience and resources to provide our clients with a full range of options and solutions.

We provide positioning services for:

  • Geophysical, Hydrographic, Oceanographic, Environmental and Sediment Sampling Surveys
  • Cable and Pipeline Installations
  • Offshore Structure Installations (Rig, Wind Farm, Bridge etc.)
  • Anchor Handling Operations
  • Underwater Construction Monitoring (Oil and Gas Field Operations, Seawall Construction, Mattress Laying, Renewable Energy Installations, and Bridge and Tunnel Construction)
  • ROV Operations
  • Diver Positioning

Alpine’s positioning capabilities include:

  • Marine Surface Positioning using DGPS, Real Time Kinematic (RTK) or Post Processed Kinematic (PPK) methods. Differential GPS corrections can be received from sources including the US Coast Guard, Satellite based providers, VRS Cellular Networks and Alpine installed and operated base stations. 
  • Sub-surface positioning including USBL and LBL acoustic systems.
  • Motion Reference Units (Surface and Subsurface)
  • Telemetry Systems including radio, cell phone, and WiFi.
  • Positioning Software (ex. QINSy, Hypack, Hydro-Pro and Voyager5)
  • Land Based Positioning using RTK/PPK and Traditional Total Station Systems


Did you know?

Alpine provides Marine Mammal Mitigation services, Marine Mammal Observation (MMO), Protected Species Observation and Passive Acoustic Monitoring Systems (PAMS) to clients for use during geophysical seismic surveys, construction projects and to support commercial shipping.