Alpine provides its clients with professional and experienced Protected Species Observer (PSO) services for use on a wide range of offshore industry operations.

Through advice, consultation and observation, our PSO’s can insure our clients adhere to environmental protocol and regulations and minimize the impact operations have on the marine environment.

Experienced Protected Species Observers

Our PSO’s are all seasoned scientists, with an extensive field background, a good understanding of the practicalities of various seismic and construction operations, and expert knowledge of industry regulations tailored to the project area. 

Besides conducting watches for marine mammals during active operations, Alpine’s PSOs guide clients through the equipment ramp up and shut down procedures as well as identify and recommend action to be taken should animals be sighted within the “protected species safety zones”. During, and at the completion of a project, Alpine’s PSOs will produce all the needed paperwork required to be submitted to permitting and regulatory authorities. In addition, a comprehensive report is issued outlining all relevant sighting events and the actions taken to mitigate potentially harassing situations. 

Protected Species Observer Training

We offer a wide range of PSO courses in preparation for the working environment of offshore industries, while giving the opportunity to expand marine mammal identification skills.


Did you know?

The RV Shearwater is a former US Coast Guard vessel.