Hydrographic surveys are an integral part of Alpine’s services, whether as a stand-alone task or as part of a multidiscipline project. 

All our data collection is supervised by a Certified Hydrographer. At our clients’ disposal is a wide array of hydrographic equipment, from single beam echosounders to dual head multibeam systems. Our hydrographic capabilities are further augmented by a full suite of state of the art positioning and motion compensation systems, and Sound Velocity and CTD units.

One of the key advantages of Alpine’s hydrographic services are the range of vessels we have at our disposal. Alpine has access to the right vessel for anything ranging from shallow ponds, lakes and inland rivers to estuaries, bays, harbors and open ocean.

Alpine can take the raw hydrographic data and provide our clients with a wealth of information through a variety of industry standard and specialized hydrographic processing packages. This includes the ability to post process dual frequency GPS into high precision Post Processed Kinematic (PPK) data which can provide high accuracy tidal corrections in areas where tide gauges are not available or cannot be easily installed. Deliverables can, among many options, include contour charts, profiles, DTM’s, 3D images and/or volume/quantity calculation

Did you know?

Alpine is a world leader in the manufacture and use of vibracore sampling equipment.