Alpine provides specialized environmental surveys to ensure we keep our waters clean and its inhabitants safe, minimize the environmental impact of marine projects, and comply with legislation and industry’s duty of care.

Alpine can tailor these services to fulfill specific environmental survey objectives or integrate them into multi-disciplinary projects (geophysical, geotechnical etc.). 

Projects we support include:

  • Environmental Baseline Surveys
  • Habitat Mapping
  • Numerical Modeling Support
  • Plume Mapping (thermal, wastewater, industrial discharge)
  • Specialized Biological Studies to Quantify Impact of Seafloor Development

Alpine can draw from a variety of in-house systems in order to collect the necessary data:

  • HD Drop Down Frame Mounted Video/Still Cameras
  • Observation Class ROV
  • Side Scan and Sector Scan Sonar Imaging
  • Multi-Beam/Backscatter Imaging
  • In Situ and Real-Time ADCPs
  • Standard and Clean Techniques Water Sampling - Bottles, Pumps and Rosettes
  • Water Quality (CT-DO-pH-monitoring)
  • Subbottom Profiling to Document Surficial Sediment Layering
  • Environmental Grab Sampling Equipment
  • Environmental Vibracore Sampling Equipment

Alpine’s specialized staff will compile gathered information into a report to meet the client’s needs, and produced to comply with the relevant government requirements and legislation.

Did you know?

Alpine supports coastal, marine and civil engineers and projects by providing high quality marine survey data which is used for design, analysis, numerical modeling and regulatory assessment