Alpine supports coastal, marine and civil engineers and their projects by providing high quality task specific survey data which is used as input for design, analysis, numerical modeling and regulatory assessment.

As with Site Assessment, Site Hazard Clearance and Route Development Surveys Alpine uses a variety of tools to provide information on the geology, seafloor topography, surface/near surface hazards, and benthic habitat of areas targeted for a project.

Geophysical surveys can be tailored for:

Coastal Management

  • Coastal Permitting
  • Inlet Management
  • Marsh and Wetland Restoration
  • Sand Source & Barrow Area Investigations
  • Physical Monitoring Studies
  • Numerical Modeling
  • Coastal Storm and Flooding Assessments


  • Dredge Permitting
  • Channel Design
  • Channel Maintenance
  • Construction Management
  • Environmental Monitoring

 Erosion Control & Shore Protection   

  • Beach Restoration & Renourishment
  • Seawalls, Revetments & Bulkheads
  • Groins and Jetties
  • Breakwaters     


  • Bridges
  • Tunnels
  • Ports and Harbors

Did you know?

Alpine is a member of the NAOC, National Association of Ordnance Contractors