Based on methods developed and perfected by our parent company in the UK, Alpine is now providing industry leading Passive Acoustic Monitoring Systems (PAMS) which include static and towed deployment options for use in both protected species and construction monitoring. 

Passive Acoustic Monitoring

Alpine provides dedicated and experienced Passive Acoustic Monitoring operators and PAMS for mitigation during the use of sound sources employed in geophysical surveys, and noise generated during marine construction projects. Passive Acoustic Monitoring for protected species observation tasks are especially useful in the hours of darkness or limited visibility (rain, fog etc.) when visual observations are particular difficult.  PAMS can also be used for marine mammal baseline surveys and for environmental assessments.   

Underwater Noise Monitoring

Alpine has the capability to carry out Underwater Noise Assessments for the full life cycle of projects. We provide scientifically robust studies to meet our client’s requirements. Our turnkey services include instruments, experienced offshore acoustic technicians, impact assessments and comprehensive reporting.

For underwater noise monitoring, we can provide two types of equipment, dependent on the scope of the survey required:

  • SOFAR System: Developed in-house by Gardline, this calibrated system is used to collect recordings of underwater sound from industrial processes such as pile driving, subsea drilling activities or aggregate extraction, as well as ambient noise measurements. 
  • ARU (Autonomous Recording Units): Used for continuous recording of short events, or longer term recording via duty cycle sample recording.

Passive Acoustic Monitoring Training

Since there is currently no approved or accredited PAMS training course available, Alpine, through its parent company, provides all of its PAMs operators with internal training through a 3 day Passive Acoustic Monitoring course. The training includes underwater acoustic theory, classroom training in the use of PAMS hardware and software, and practical application and usage of systems in our own laboratory facility.


Our experience in acoustic monitoring allows us to provide expert consultancy for a wide range of projects within the offshore sector. Previous consultancy services have included creation of Protected Species Mitigation Plans, review of Environmental Impact Statements chapters, specifications for noise monitoring and protected species acoustic surveys.

Did you know?

Alpine Vibracores can take samples up to 40’ in length.