Site Assessment, Site Hazard Clearance and Route Development Surveys represent a core component of Alpine’s services. We design, execute and report our work with the full knowledge that the information we provide to our clients will be the basis for a chain of decision making that can have a huge impact on a project’s success.

The Site Assessment, Site Hazard Clearance and Route Development survey categories, present some of the most demanding and wide ranging requirements for survey work, making a one size fits all approach doomed to fail. Because Alpine provides a full range of data collection options within each data category (geophysics, bathymetry, oceanography, environmental and geotechnical), we have the ability to tailor our survey to the particular conditions at the project site and the specific data requirements of the client. This approach results in a final report that is customized to the project, client and permitting agency needs.

Alpine has tailored surveys for major clients in the following industries:

Site Assessment and Hazard Clearance Surveys

  • Oil and Gas Platform and Subsea Installations
  • Offshore Wind Development
  • Offshore Mineral Mining
  • Offshore Borrow Area Development
  • Port and Harbor Construction

Route Development Surveys

  • Subsea Electric Cables
  • Subsea Telecommunication Cables
  • Oil and Gas Pipelines
  • Sewage Outfalls
  • Water Main Crossing (River/Bay etc.)
  • Bridge Crossings
  • Tunnel Crossings

Did you know?

CoreLog is Alpine’s proprietary system developed to monitor the Vibracore’s Performance in real time and record relevant data for later processing.