Alpine specializes in conducting multidiscipline geophysical surveys nearshore and offshore.

Alpine’s goal is to provide an acquisition solution which will deliver the highest possible quality data accurately, effectively and efficiently. With our ability to operate worldwide either through the use of our own vessels or by equipping those of third parties, Alpine will always come up with the best and most cost-effective logistical solution to your survey needs. 

Key systems and technologies utilized by Alpine during geophysical data acquisition:

  • Seismic Reflection (Analogue and High Resolution Multi-Channel)
  • Seismic Refraction (Towed and Bottom Resting)
  • Resistivity Profiling
  • Side Scan/Sector Scan Sonar
  • Magnetometry, Gradiometetry, and Induced Magnetics (EM Coils)
  • Swath Bathymetry

Alpine’s geophysicists and geologists have extensive experience in planning and implementing projects, as well as interpreting and utilizing the gathered information to produce final reports tailored to the end needs of the client. This powerful combination of skills results in our ability to provide clients with one-stop shopping covering desk top studies, field measurements, analysis, and data presentation. The result is a high quality, application ready package which is both convenient and cost-effective. 

Did you know?

By conducting both MMO and PAMS in conjunction, limiting factors such as poor weather conditions, background noise, non-acoustic animals or non-detectable vocalizations can be overcome, meaning your survey can be carried out during 24 hour operations, allowing a greater range of freedom in survey operations.