Alpine Ocean Seismic Survey, Inc. Announces Three Promotions

Robert Mecarini, President of Alpine Ocean Seismic Survey, Inc. has announced three key promotions: Leonardo Gherardi to Executive Vice President, Mark Kosakowski to Vice President and Jenny Hallahan to Senior Project Manager. 

In announcing these appointments, Mecarini said, "the promotions reflect each individuals continued growth and the tremendous value they bring to Alpine and Alpine’s clients worldwide. Each has been a key contributor to the company's growth and success. “

Leo’s promotion will allow him to concentrate his efforts on longer term strategic efforts with regards to company operations, technology investments and international operations and marketing. Mark will take on day-to-day personnel and project management as well as continue his role as a Principle Scientist and his work assisting marketing and business development. In her new role Jenny will increase her responsibilities for direct personnel management and continue to devote her time to serving our clients needs on projects in the Americas and abroad. 

About Alpine

Alpine Ocean Seismic Survey, Inc. (Alpine), founded in 1957 and a Gardline Company since 2009, provides industry and government with the technical expertise to plan, acquire and interpret scientific data from marine and freshwater environments. Company capabilities include geophysical, geotechnical, hydrographic, oceanographic, environmental and positioning services. Since our founding by a group of Lamont Doherty scientists over 50 years ago, Alpine has worked on more than 3,000 marine survey projects worldwide. Alpine maintains its company headquarters in Norwood, New Jersey, shares a regional office with the Gardline Group in Houston, and can draw on Gardline’s global presence, extensive resources and over 1500 employees. For more information visit www.alpineocean.com or via phone at 201-768-8000.

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Did you know?

Alpine manufactures both pneumatic and electric Vibracores, allowing our clients to perfectly match our equipment with their application.