Alpine is headquartered in Norwood, New Jersey. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to the values of honesty, integrity and transparency and we aim for these guiding principles to be reflected in the quality of our work and the nature of our reputation. Our goal is to bring our combined technical, scientific, and logistical experience to bear on providing the best possible technical solution to a project’s data acquisition needs, in an efficient and effective manner, and which remains mindful of real world financial constraints.

Robert Mecarini- President

A certified Hydrographer, Rob started at Alpine in 1992 and worked his way through the ranks gaining hands-on experience in all facets of the company’s operations starting as a field engineer, and then moving on to Project Manager, VP of International Operations and Executive VP. Appointed President in 2010, Rob takes the lead in company management, contracts negotiations, and strategic planning.

Leonardo Gherardi – Executive Vice President | Principal Geologist

Leo’s role focuses on long term strategic planning with regards to company operations, technology investments and international operations and marketing. His responsibilities also include managing vessel operations, and oversight of HSSE and QA/QC compliance. A professional geologist, Leo grew up in northern Italy and worked extensively in Europe, Africa and South America before coming to the US. His experience includes project management in the oil & gas, telecom, transmission, UXO, government and environmental sectors. Prior to his current role at Alpine, Leo was the Survey Manager for Geological Assistance & Services (G.A.S. Srl, Bologna, Italy) and was one of RESON’s first Mediterranean area business representatives and sales engineers.

Mark Kosakowski – Vice President | Principal Scientist

Mark’s role is the day-to-day management of Alpine’s personnel and projects along with supporting the strategic marketing and business development activities at Alpine. Mark also provides technical direction and advice on key projects involving oceanographic and environmental data acquisition. He has over 27 years of field data collection experience as a biological and physical oceanographer, including four years as a research laboratory scientist. Mark’s specialty is in developing, planning and implementing multi-discipline projects utilizing Alpine’s geophysical, geotechnical, hydrographic and oceanographic assets.

William “Bill” Rottner - Director of Business Operations

Bill is the Director of Business Development Operations at Alpine. He has managed a wide breadth of underwater survey projects including sediment/benthic sampling, underwater unexploded ordnance mapping and offshore energy studies. He holds a US Coast Guard 100 Ton Merchant Mariners License earned through coastal vessels and running lift boats from the Gulf side of Florida to the Connecticut River. William has innovated underwater survey techniques which have created safer approaches to acquiring data while producing a survey product that reduced project duration and costs. His obsession with water and its inhabitants runs deep as he operates over 1000 gallons of marine aquariums in his home.

Justin Bailey – Senior Project Manager | Senior Geophysicist

Justin is a certified Professional Geologist and Alpine’s Senior Geophysicist with over 15 years experience conducting multi-parameter field projects. His duties include overseeing and field managing freshwater and marine geophysical, hydrographic, environmental and geotechnical data collection, analysis and interpretation. Justin’s field experience includes site investigations for wind farm projects, routing assessments for submarine cables and pipelines, collection of data to support permitting & regulatory analysis for infrastructure projects, coastal engineering and sand borrow sites, and oil & gas exploration.

Jennifer “Jenny” Hallahan – Senior Project Manager | GIS Specialist

Jenny is a marine scientist and a Senior Project Manager at Alpine with over 10 years experience in the industry. Her responsibilities focus on managing nearshore projects in the Americas including Alpine’s rig and barge positioning activities. Jenny is certified in GIS and coordinates Alpine’s data processing and reporting activities.

Did you know?

AOSS was established in 1957. The goal of the researchers who founded the company was to provide public and private institutions with the latest technologies developed within the university system.